Frankincense – The King of Oils

frankincense_card1_web(pp_w765_h546)Tradition tells us that the Magi (3 wise men) gave the infant King of Israel gifts of gold to honor his royalty, frankincense as a perfume, and myrrh for anointing oil.
Although there probably some truth to this, other sources claim that the wise men from the Far East were actually being more practical by giving the baby Jesus these precious, costly essential oils that could double up as potential medical remedies.

Frankincense Benefits
For over 5,000 years frankincense has been used to support the immune system, fight infection and cure disease. Today the most common benefits of Frankincense include:
• Reduces Inflammation
• Destroys Cancer
• Spiritual Awareness
• Boosts Immunity
• Fights Infections
• Improves Anxiety
• Heals skin and reduces acne and scarring
A press release by University of Leicester in the UK, published a few days before Christmas last year, has rekindled the theory that the “wise men” weren’t just bringing wealth to Jesus, but medicine.
According to the announcement that went after being issued, “University of Leicester researchers discover cancer-killing properties of frankincense in ovarian cancer.” Using the compound AKBA (acetyl-11-keto-beta-boswellic acid), the Omani government-funded research has for the first time shown frankincense’s ability to target cancer cells in late-stage ovarian cancer patients.
Lead researcher Kamla Al-Salmani explained: “After a year of studying the AKBA compound with ovarian cancer cell, we have been able to show it is effective at killing the cancer cells.
Frankincense is taken by many people with no known side effects. This finding has enormous potential to be taken to a clinical trial in the future and developed into an additional treatment for ovarian cancer.”

Cancer Killing Power Of Frankincense
Used because of its anti-inflammatory properties, Frankincense also known as boswellia serrata has been a favorite as a folk medicine for several health concerns including asthma, gastroenteritis, and skin conditions.
New research, like the study that came out of the University of Leicester, has recently suggested that frankincense’s disease reversing power may be even more encompassing than previously suspected.
Successfully linking AKBA as a potential treatment for brain, breast, colon, pancreatic, prostate, and stomach cancers, research trials are filling medical journals like Carcinogenesis and PLoS One about Boswellia serrata’s cancer fighting prowess.
According to researchers out of Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, the frankincense cancer killing effects are due in part to it regulating cellular epigenetic machinery, which highlights its ability to influence genes to promote healing.
Baylor cancer scientists emphasize that this potency makes Boswellia viable candidate for both cancer prevention and treatment!

Frankincense Oil Cancer Natural Treatment
People who have added Boswellia serrata into their natural health cancer care plan may find themselves experiencing double-benefits from this miracle essential oil.frankincense1
For many cancer patients, there’s a time when the treatment becomes worse than the cancer itself. It is as this point that quality of life and symptom suppression is the focal point for many diagnosed with this deadly disease. Debilitating in-and-of itself, these cancer treatment side effect can make having cancer absolutely miserable.
Take, for instance, brain cancer patients who experience cerebral edema (swelling in the head) after having their tumors irradiated. Typically, these people are treated with dexamethasone and other corticosteroids to control the swelling, but this is done at a great cost because the deadly complications of steroids are limitless.
Unfortunately, these people suffer toxic overload from the drugs that are supposed to help them in the first place and get headaches, migraines, and may even deal with blurred vision because of the steroid treatments.
Thankfully, frankincense offers a natural, viable solution to this horrible issue. Back in 2011, the journal Cancer published the results of a 44 person clinical trial evaluating how brain swelling was effected by frankincense.
Astoundingly, 60% of the patients displayed 75% reduction or greater in cerebral swelling after being treated with 4200 mg/day of frankincense! 

These results are so significant that scientists are urging the medical community to consider prescribing this potent essential oil instead of steroids for cancer patients assigned to radiation treatment.
We hope this spreads like wildfire within cancer treatment circles. Who knows what could happen if more people utilized this frankincense cancer treatment approach. As we’ve seen above, if Boswellia serrata can kill cancer cells and prevent tumors from growing, the sky’s the limit for folks who follow natural health guidelines.
If you want to learn more about alternative cancer treatments check out this article on the Top 10 Natural Cancer Treatments and Forbidden Cures.

Frankincense Benefits Immune Function
A growing body of research has recently unlocked the doors to our understanding of why frankincense is so beneficial to our health. In a study published by Phytotherapy Research, for instance, when mice took 1-10 mg of Boswellia serrata orally it was discovered that multiple levels of their immune systems were stimulated including:
• Delayed hypersensitivity reaction (early 24 hours, delayed 48 hours)
• IgG
• IgM
• Cytokines (interferon gamma, interleukin-4, and tumor necrosis factor-alpha)
• T-cell interactions (i.e. CD4/CD8, which are generally low in AIDS patients)
In layman’s terms, frankincense can boost the immune system like no other! Two fundamental ways this is accomplished is by proliferating lymphocytes (white blood cells, which are the body’s primary defense team) and by keeping inflammation at bay (which is arguably the primary risk factor for most chronic diseases).
This may also explain why frankincense is so effective in treating autoimmune conditions like bronchial asthma, Crohn’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and ulcerative colitis.
Implement frankincense into your natural health regimen today. This essential oil can be used in diffusers with ease to treat respiratory conditions or you can put it as an essential or salve directly on your skin.
And finally, you can also take frankincense (boswellia) as a supplement with a few essential oil drops placed under your tongue, on the roof of your mouth or in powdered capsule form for treatment of many health conditions.

If you want to learn more about the incredible health benefits of essential oils, check out this free Dr. Axe’s Guide to Essential Oils.

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Celebrity Sexual Abuse

Celebrity sex abuse trials are igniting painful memories for many, memories which have been buried for many, many years. It is in your face stuff for those who have kept their sexual abuse hidden away. It can only be hoped that the high profile people of late who are being made accountable for what may have been frivolous actions, (or not) at the time, are helping these people feel less ashamed and fearful about what they experienced. It would appear there is no ‘use by date’ that is relevant when it comes to being ‘outed’ by someone years later for placing hands, fingers and other parts of the anatomy where they shouldn’t have all those years ago.child

The Catholic church, religious or government run orphanages and schools, homes for wayward girls awaiting the birth of babies, are now on record for sexual abuse claims from generations of young boys and girls whose care was compromised by those in authority. Other institutions are not getting away with inappropriate sexual behaviour either. The Boy Scouts, The Salvation Army, swimming coaches, the Navy, to name a few. What about the counsellors, Doctors and even a male massage therapist recently.

It makes me wonder just how many older men are squirming in their seats and worried that their inappropriate sexual behaviour ‘way back when’ may indeed raise its ugly head and have them being made accountable for their actions. That is, if they even deem their actions were misplaced in the first place.

sexual abuse For the most part, many women, myself included, have put inappropriate sexual experiences by men old enough to know better, behind them and got on with living. I would not go so far as to say these experiences are forgotten, but why let the abusive action of another define who you are as an adult?

Many go through years of coping (or denial) they tell no one, not even their partners in marriage. They feel really ashamed, dirty, worthless, no good, and very likely abandoned at some level. They never told anyone as a child because they did not think they would be believed, or could not trust that they would be heard.

In the current climate the trigger for someone who has been sexually abused to speak out is likely to be a high-profile abuse case. These cases cast an element of safety from which to speak out, when you see another had the fortitude to do so and was heard. As a child it is likely you would never have had the courage to talk to anyone about sexual abuse, especially as abusers usually scare you into keeping the ‘ secret ’ or have you believe they would ‘ kill ’ you if you told anyone.

It cannot be easy for those who decide to speak out. Historic sexual abuse cases would have some pretty tough cross examination, I would think. Relying on ones memory for something that occurred years before is likely to be ridiculed by the Defence. The thing is, even if one’s memory is not time specific but action specific, in other words, if what was experienced at the hands of a perpetrator is recounted, even if not in a linear time frame, it still makes what took place damning.

I can’t help thinking if you are male and anywhere between 60 and 90 years old and acted sexually inappropriately back in your heyday, beware, someone, somewhere may gather the courage to speak out and then what? Nowhere to hide anymore.

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