The Child and doTERRA Essential Oils

How I wish I had known about the benefits of using dōTERRA essential oil 17 years ago when my grandson was just a little one.israel - bike

The times those in charge in Day Care, Kindy and both Primary School and High School had problems with his behaviour. He was a quick learner and thinker.  He was also curious and liked to question. Why do teachers dislike that?

You see, he was too smart for his own good.  A real clever little boy who got bored easily.  It was bandied about that he had Attention Deficit Disorder and thankfully my daughter paid no attention to the minds that were made up and continued to be able to get him to listen to her and for the most part do what he was told.  He had and still has, an independent streak, is a young man who needs to focus on something when he is awake, whether that be reading a book, playing a video game or spending hours in the surf watching and waiting for that next wave.

As a youngster, (he was four years of age) he ventured into riding dirt bikes and that was when I noticed how intently he would focus. How he would listen to his father’s instructions and how he had no fear.  Then there were the days in school where he became bored, caused stir ups in the class, received venom from more than one teacher (mostly female) and got paid out a lot.  He never had it easy at school.

VetiverKnowing what I know now, I would have ensured that dōTERRA’s Cedarwood and Vetiver were rubbed on the soles of his feet every day before school.  I would have had Lavender diffusing in his room at night.  I would have had Rosemary, Sage, Peppermint and Eucalyptus on offer when he was studying.  Not that he laboured with his studies.  Usually between surfing a few waves and then a couple of hours cramming, he still got high results in most exams.  He was and still is a high achiever. He does well at many things, even being a pain the arse at times!  One way I was able to assist with quietening his mind and body was to give him an Aromatouch treatment. It took a while for him to let go, that tendency to question or comment, even during a massage process would continue.

I can see as young adult that his moments of being prone to reaction and anger could do with some dousing.  Myrrh comes to mind. Now at University I rarely see him. Our grandchildren grow up and move on in life.

Modern trends these days certainly lean toward our children eating more organic  food, reducing sugar intake, being open to homeopathy and visits to herbalists.  But for those lucky enough to have dōTERRA essential oils used in the home how+do+I+use+essential+oilconsistently, well, in terms of compounds that have the strongest concentrated health-promoting properties, there is not much as powerful as dōTERRA’s essential oils. The possibilities for each of us to experience an amazing difference in everyday health and wellbeing is remarkable.  It is good to see we are becoming more aware and more informed as to what is on offer ‘out there’.  Then the question is, “How do I become and remain consistent with the use of the oils?”  Now there is a challenge!

The more you use them the more they become second nature in your daily regime. When you notice the difference in mood, wellbeing or a health issue through using the oils, then it is easier to become determined to remain consistent in their use. Try it and see.


You can always ask for a sample and information

A Conversation about MLM

mlmWhat do you think about Multi Level Marketing?  It is interesting isn’t it, that invariably I find 85% of those to whom I mention MLM to will give a dismissive or negative response.  I too am in that league and have, after a few miserable attempts made derisive comments about the impossible odds of succeeding.

The reason I have been in opposition to this type of marketing has been the hype, the outrageous claims of mansions, limousines and travel including ridiculous amounts of money, along with reflective disbelief of how easy it all is. We have all heard that saying, “if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is”.  I personally was involved with Amway, 24 years ago in Perth. I was pressured into joining.  I did not succeed.amway

Upon my return in 1998 to Australia, after living in Europe for a few years, I found myself on the Northern Beaches in Sydney, where connections from life prior to Europe were all excited, enthused and full of zeal about mannatechMannatech.  Again I was pressured and joined. It was a given right? Health supplements, vitamins of all shapes and sizes, especially glyco-nutrients.  This was the way the world was heading.

I am not knocking product here, just illustrating the world of MLM from my perspective. I did not succeed.  I remember attending one of their conventions in Sydney. There was everything but rodeo at this convention.  (The Head office was in Texas, USA).  Hoopla, the likes I have seen before or since. I was out of there. I did not succeed in making my millions.

Next I was approached by a Usana Representative.  I declined.  What is it about me? Do I have “pick me for MLM!” flashing on my forehead that only others can see?

One evening at a Zonta Meeting, July 2011, we had a guest speaker who spoke about Essential Oils.  I remember being mildly interested in the topic as I had oils at home and was a qualified massage therapist, but not actually practising at the time.  A small bottle of oil was passed around for the women attending to smell. I put my nose to the bottle, took a big whiff and Wow!

I was transported to another realm!

That smell.  It was unlike anything I had ever smelt before.  Whole,  rich, intense,   pure,   clean,   deep, untainted.

“What is this?” I ask.  The response  ”dōTERRA ‘s Wild Orange!”wild orange

I had died and gone to heaven.  In all the years of using essential oils I had never smelt any oil like this.  It was the deep, pureness that assailed my senses. So I began using these oils and guess what?   I had to join and become a Wellness Consultant and again I found myself caught up in Network Marketing. The lure? The product!  No promises of anything in my introduction, other than free product if I ordered over a certain amount, no get rich quick scheme, simply the product, at least that is my recollection.  It did it for me.

Over the next five years I found myself reconnecting with my profession as a massage therapist and working daily with these oils.  I learned a special technique (courtesy of Dr Hill from dōTERRA) called AromaTouch.  It is a treatment whereby four pairs of oils are used in sequence which address stress, the immune system, inflammation and lastly correcting autonomic imbalances.

Over the years I have often been asked what perfume I wear, even from strangers passing me in the street. My response of course is that I don’t, I only use oils.   I began to wear oils as ‘perfume’ more than 25 years ago.  The amount of people telling me I smell really nice these days, endorses the fact that dōTERRA Essential Oils have such an amazing aroma.  What makes them different is they contain no fillers and no chemicals.  When I have completed a massage, the client has asked on occasion, where they could get the oils from.  I explain if they join dōTERRA for $35 they can buy the oils wholesale when they want, how they want and as often as they want.  Some do, some don’t.

doterra loveAfter four years of using dōTERRA oils, I was in awe when my upline informed me one day that I had commissions sitting in my back office that remained untouched.  Was I aware of it?  My answer was No.

I had been aware of the free product I got every month when I placed my order, but had no idea there was commission as well.  You see, this time my Network Marketing business was growing organically. I lived every day (still do) using these oils.  I use them on my body, on my clients, I diffuse them and I ingest them. A few drops of lemon in the bottom of the glass and fill with water is so refreshing.  I do that with Peppermint too, when my body feels sluggish.

You often hear through media circles all of us being encouraged to take our health into our own hands.  What I love about dōTERRA oils is that they assist my body in ongoing wellbeing.  In raising my spirits, in helping me sleep, in keeping me calm, in assisting digestion and managing mood.  They are amazing.

So, am I rich with this attempt at MLM? No.

What drives me is the product. My order pays for itself each month (with change), so I am happy to continue.  Will I push, hunt, assault people with sale pitches and generally piss people off in an attempt to get them to join dōTERRA? No, I won’t.doterra symbol

Am I willing to share the product – you bet.  I respect dōTERRA, it is an Essential Oil Company that has integrity, looks after its members and has the best Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils I have ever used.  Looks like I finally found a Multi Level Marketing scheme that works for me.

As a footnote, I would like to add, I believe I understand why this networking method was chosen to get these oils out to the world.  Even though there is a goldmine of information available in relation to dōTERRA oils. I am not sure a young shop assistant would be educated and au fait with all the oils, uses, compositions and the countries from where they are sourced and why. Hell even I am still learning, learning, learning.   Hence why those of us, who genuinely wish to encourage and support others in the use of essential oils in the home and workplace, make ourselves available to those who make it known they are interested in knowing more.

Conversation regarding MLM is now concluded.


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