dōTERRA Cypress Essential Oil


This is a powerful CPTG essential oil that creates motion and flow. A great oil to use to ‘let go’.


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Are you an over achiever, always on the go, yet feel mentally and emotionally stuck? Using this oil will help create trust and ease with the flow of life.This oil is distilled from the twigs and foilage of the Cypress tree. It is popular for gargling and cleansing the breath.  It can also be used for tight, tense muscles.   The Chinese value cypress for its benefits to the liver and to the respiratory system.

Here is a little trick I learnt.  Left your atomiser at home or it has run out?

fist on closed handPlace a few drops of cypress oil on the palm of your hand.  Rub together then curl one hand up into a loose fist (with the thumb curled down around the fingers) and place it on the palm of your other hand and inhale through the mouth.  Suck the aroma up into your mouth and lungs and feel the instant relief.

This oil is known as the Oil of Motion & Flow.   It addresses emotions such as fear, perfectionism, rigidity, feeling stuck, tense or controlling.


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