dōTERRA Rosemary Essential Oil


An CPTG expansive essential oil that aids in times of transition and change.


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Rosemary is a favourite.  It has been considered a sacred oil by ancient Greeks and Romans, Egyptians and Hebrews and as such has been used by healers for centuries.   An awesome oil for digestive issues, muscle aches and pain

Not only are a few drops great on the lamb roast, this oil invites us to trust, to feel more confident and assists in the development of truth beyond the human mind.

It is known as The Oil of Knowledge and Transition and assist in the development of true knowledge and true intellect.  For those struggling with a learning disability place a few drops of rosemary on the soles of their feet, and diffuse Rosemary, it has a wonderful aroma.  It addresses emotional issues such as confusion, difficulty adjusting with change and transition, ignorance and diffilculties with learning.


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