Women Priests

Archbishop Goldsworthy

Archbishop Goldsworthy

Working away and listening to ABC Classical FM and then a news item had me pricking up my ears. Seems in London the Church of Engalnd has been engaged in an uproar over allowing women bishops.

It seems the Synod refuses to back proposals for the ordination of women bishops arguing that Jesus chose the twelve Apostles ( all men) which signifies that the leaders of the church must be the role of men.
Get real! – that was 2000 years ago!
We in Australia have a female Archbishop and that has been since May 22, 2008, when Kay Goldsworthy was ordained in Perth, time the rest of the world caught up!
Now in 2009 I say power to the women (if that is their calling) who become bishops and follow their passion with dignity and grace.

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