The Jacuzzi, Thunderbox, Loo and More

When you last went to “spend a penny” or “point Percy at the porcelain” did you go to the bog, the thunderbox, the lavatory, the rest room, the shit house, or the loo to name a few of the euphemisms out there?
At an outing not so long ago this chap I was talking to said “Excuse me, I must go to the little boy’s room” Ask yourself!
It has been a while since I went to “powder my nose” and in case you are interested (that is NOT what I do when I am in the toilet!)   I have been known to ask where the “rest room” is. We do not go there to rest, so wonder how that name came into being?  I have also asked “where the bathroom is”.

The loo, (toilet)

My Dad used to go and “see a man about a horse” or “a man about a dog” ( he was a farmer after all) and I recall my Nana going “to spend a penny”. My grandparents had the night cart call and empty the contents in their “out house”.    How us kids used to HATE going into that smelly cupboard outside the back door. Too much lip to either grandparent would result in being locked in there. I tried many a time to stop breathing for half an hour. I just could not do it.
So next time you to “shake hands with your best friend” or “point Alice at the chalice” will it be the Khazi, the gents, the ladies, the water-closet (WC) or the cloakroom?
Oh, how about the toilet????

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