A Matter of Choice

No matter what lands in your lap, it is a matter of choice as to how you ultimately decide to cope with or manage the situation at hand. Easily said isn’t it? When the sh*t hits the fan it is not easy to choose good feeling thoughts and immediately pivot.

Caught in Traffic

Driving behind a vehicle travelling under the speed limit is always a good one. Being a lead foot myself, I often find the very time I am running late I will be stuck for endless kilometres behind some tourists ambling along the highway. Where there is no way of passing safely one really can only turn up the stereo and start singing, or switch into fantasy land and imagine winning lotto. OR maybe a good way to loose weight is to fret and stress for the next 15 kms and burn up a few calories along the way.

I tried that “feeling good” thing out earlier in the week. Went for the annual visit to the Accountant to sign the tax return. Was not expecting to have to a pay Capital Gains Tax amount far exceeding my wildest dreams. It felt as though I had been winded when I heard the amount. I couldn’t breathe, let alone speak!!! I hasten to add here it was not the fact I had to pay tax, that is never a problem, it was the amount!
I was very quiet. Signed the papers and began the drive home. About 5 kms down the road, I began to see the up side. I had 7 months to ensure I had the required amount, afterall it all worked out perfectly when the properties did sell, and also I just wanted to feel better and not go into drama.
I guess everything really is a matter of choice!

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