The Ageing Game

Ageing is one hell of a topic I think. We are all going to grow old(eventually). I really want to age well and have my sense of humour in tact as well as remaining as active as possible.  I can’t imagine not getting out for a morning walk and having that swim on the way back each day.  Well…..most mornings that is the routine.


My grandfather was amazing, full of vitality to the end (even though much slower) he did not go to hospital, never complained about aches and pains. His nearest thing to a complaint was a sigh and uttering “I’m tired, I’ve had a good innings”.  He finally sighed as my grandmother placed a cup of tea on the bedside table one morning and never drew another breath.
Now there is my mother on the other hand, bemoaning the fact her knees give her problems. She has an operation and then states it has broken down again. Has another operation and says it still is not good enough. Says the Doctors don’t know what they are doing.  Next it is the feet, seems she may now have spurs in her heel.
To me this is about inflexibility, not giving in, fear, inability to bend (to other’s point of view) with a bit of directional issues and understanding of self thrown in for good measure.
What I hear now is complaint, the amplifying of what is not working in her life, the pills she takes for the pain and much talking about ‘the problem’.  She is not alone in this, plenty of aged people act exactly the same.
Another friend a couple of years younger than my mother has today flown from the UK to the USA to be with lover for 2 -3 weeks. Guess what they will be up to tonight? I never hear this woman complain about her health even though she has had a gammy leg all her life!
As an active person I see myself staying that way. I see my older years as full of fun, travelling, walking, and hopefully a lover or two thrown in for good measure!   Bring it on!!
No nursing homes, hospitals and complaint for me. There is too much emphasis on wanting to “feel good” in my persona and I intend to stay that way.

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