Safety Issue Regarding Sex Toys

After looking into the many studies on phthalates and the sex toy issue it appears that there are many different opinions. Some studies have shown that neonatal phthalate exposure has had little effect on children. However I have also had direct contact with a woman who was pregnant and voiced her concern because she thought she “smelled” of phthalates after using her sex toy. You know that new car smell or new joggers smell?

She had been using a new toy and said the smell was coming out of the pores of her skin. What immediately came to my mind was the fact that the use of phthalates has been banned in Europe since 2004 because it was found that little boys testes were shrinking. This was the same for those toddlers that sucked dummies and drank from bottles with teats. So I wondered if there would have been any harm to the foetus and also wondered whether or not the gender was male??? Needless to say this woman was advised to get rid of her toy immediately and go for the safer option of elastomer or platinum grade silicon


The Rosebud from Vibratex

Of course the phthalate industry maintains that levels of phthalates used in experiments with rodents is always so much higher than the levels used by those who use intimate pleasure products. So there is no way they would accept any responsibility if a problem arose. Hence the comment on the packaging that states ‘Sold as an Adult Novelty only’, this is one way to absolve manufacturers from any responsibility insofar as what materials are used.

It goes without saying that the main reason sex toy manufacturers use phthalates is that it is inexpensive, and it is the way it has always been done it. Also around 80% of the sex toys in the world today are made in China. Some of the leading companies ( who these days have resorted to having their products made in China) have great quality control ensuring their leading edge products and their company remain in integrity, others don’t.

Sadly in this country, the industry is NOT proactive about the health of their customers, or the material content of what they sell and is only likely to respond if there is strong pressure to do so. One wonders if that will ever happen. Watch this space!

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