Cancer Awareness Month

I am sure there are some (maybe many) who will up in arms about what I have to share in this blog.

Take time to smell the roses

Having recently been a willing participant in a breakfast that highlighted Breast Cancer support groups, that spoke of the devastation of those women who experience various forms of cancer, I came to realise something that did not feel so great.

What saddened me was that so many amazing women used their experience with cancer to define who they are.
There were business women, health professionals, grandmothers, mothers, daughters all amazing women in their own right.
I am not for one minute intending to come across as being disparaging of any persons brush with cancer, heaven knows I too have been there, done that. I will not, however, allow that experience to define me and I certainly would never call myself a cancer survivor!!
For me, my brush with cancer is and was personal. Also, I am a person in my own right that with all my strengths and flaws, attempts to live my life in a way that benefits not only myself, but those around me and those who I meet on this journey of life, irregardless of whether or not I have had cancer.
I believe we need to be more uplifting about the diversity of experiences, especially life threatening illnesses in our lives. In my view to keep reminding yourself that they you are a cancer survivor keeps you stuck in an energy that has the potential to attract more of the same.
There is a very thin line and delicate balance here – in that – one needs to be cautious in finding the equilibrium in giving support, needing support, setting up groups that can keep people stuck in an unhelpful energy (although not always), empowering women to run with the wolves and the realisation that often from the experiences that “knock us a sixer”, we grow in ways uninmaginable, expand and become MORE than we ever were before the advent of cancer.
Yes you survived, but their is more to life than claiming to be a survivor – you are a liver of life!
So whilst I take my hat off off, to all you women out there who have had your brush with cancer, may you come to a place somewhere in your future (as I have) that the experience was necessary to expand and unfurl a woman waiting to blossom into the new, into a future of so much potential and possibility, where we don’t sweat the small stuff so much anymore.
Go live it….

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