Happy New Year!

Happy New Year

As the end of 2012 approaches and the dawning of 2013 is within reach, I find it an appropriate time to sit and think about what I want in the year ahead.

We all experience difficult times and challenges, and I know from experience that many of us in each moment fuel what is not working in our life, rather than use challenging experiences to become more clear about what we do want.

Man’s inhumanity toward man is at times unfathomable. Whether on a global scale or in the smaller setting of family relationships or in our working life, the way humans can treat each other, is indeed quite distressing at times.

I recently found myself in a workplace environment that was extremely toxic.  Even though I was determined to remain focused on turning up, doing my job and leaving, it was difficult to remain completely impervious to what was going on around me.  Whilst at a loss to understand the motivation behind the vitriolic denigration and vilification of team members toward each other, I was aware of the deep distress, pressure and unhappiness of those constantly letting off steam in such a dysfunctional way.

To stay in my heart and let go of the ‘story’ was not easy, yet I recognize the gift of this experience as well. Because, as a dear friend reminded me, I now know I want work which is fun, I now know I want to work with people that make me laugh, I now know that I want to be respected and honored for who I am and I now know that I want my mechanism for attracting money to be one of ease and flow and joy.

As this is a time on the planet where many of us recognize the poignancy of the marker 21/12/2012, we acknowledge that this date represents an ending in order for a new beginning which encompasses a time of growth and transformation and change. We are in it!

I personally am choosing and wanting a new beginning in the year 2013.  I want to bring into this New Year, fresh and innovative beginnings of future work that brings me joy and fills me with gratitude. In stepping into this powerful place fully, I choose to leave behind that which is not working and that which does not feel good.

It is true to say that as the 21st December date, which has been a milestone for so many, is passed, the new energies of rebirth and re-growth and transformation are abundant, not only within me personally, but also on and around our planet as well.

I look forward to a world where decision making is more transparent and based on honesty and integrity, where media begin to report more and more on the “positive side of life”, to a world of connection rather than separation and to a world that fosters a genuine tolerance of each other, all customs and religions, resulting eventually with world peace.

A Happy New Year to each of you.

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