EFT and The Tapping Summit 2013

As I said in the last blog, the 5th Annual Tapping World Summit is about to start.  February 4th to exact at 8 PM U.S. Eastern Time (New York). That will be February 5th around midday, Daylight Saving Time for those of us on the Eastern side of Australia.

In bringing you the next interview in the lead up to the Tapping Summit here is an interview with Dr Mark Hyman.

A famous Chinese proverb advises that:

“The superior doctor prevents sickness,the mediocre doctor attends to impending sickness, and the inferior doctor treats actual sickness.”

Unfortunately, we know where most of the doctors are in today’s society, but some are leading the way in being “superior” doctors…

Meet one of them, and learn the astonishing truths about how to really be healthy and healed, here:

A reminder that if you sign up for this FREE event, you can access the replays after the main event for a limited time. This is a great opportunity to tune into tapping, see the benfits, hear of how the process has changed lives and try it for yourself.

Use Tapping to change your life in an amazing number of ways, from releasing physical pain, to clearing limiting beliefs, to being able to help those around you.  What’s possible in your life?

If you want to know more about Tapping here is a link for you

Tapping Solutions

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