EFT with Nick and Jessica Orton

This is the last video in the trailers leading up to the 5th World Tapping Summit scheduled to begin on February 4th at 8pm 8 PM U.S. Eastern Time (New York). That is midday on February 5th for us in Australia on Daylight Saving time (Sydney).  Once you have signed up, even if you miss the live sessions you can access them on a replay for a day or so aftrward, which is a great offer.  This is one of the biggest FREE online events for wellbeing that internet users have access to.

Here is the interview between Jessica and Nick Ortner.

Make sure you read the comments underneath the video. That will give any skepticism a run for it’s money!
I sincerely hope that those of you who read this and watch the video / videos will feel moved to take steps to join the online Tapping Summit viewers from around the world. I am very enthused by this opportunity to share a great modality for moving blocks, resistance, grief, trauma or whatever it is that needs unclogging!

Enjoy tapping your way to freedom for the fun of it!

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