Tapping for a New Perspective on Life

Well, well, it has been amazing six days so far at the 2013 World Tapping Summit.  We even (today) have our very own Australian (Steve Wells) on the platform giving us incredible insight in using Tapping with children and more importantly when to tap on ourselves  as opposed to the child.

I personally have found this 2013 series to be extremely helfpful and the potency of some of the subjects really  soul stirring.  Nic Ortner was a amazing on Day One with his take on handling financial issues and addressing listeners discomfort with the word RICH.

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Then there was Margaret Lynch who put the ‘sexy’ back in giving women permission to stand up and harness their sexiness.  Pamela Bruner yesterday was really great, especially in her tapping rounds about valuing what you do and how to come from a heart space within your line of work.  As I have re-commenced work as a part time Certified Massage Therapist, I found the many veins of her subject very apt!

Am about to listen to Patricia Carrington who is speaking about the incredible power of choice- based tapping.

I do hope that many of you have managed to listen to various tapping events.  As a free summit it certainly has to be one of the best value based internet learning opportunities available.  And, it is not over yet, there are another 6 days of subjects and great speakers all sharing their tapping knowledge with us.   i would like to think that each of you who are able to make the time to listen will leave the Summit with a gold nugget.

Tap away!!!


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