Esther Hicks visits the Gold Coast

I recently went and saw Esther Hicks at the Gold Coast and was asked by a reader if I was going to blog about it.  To be honest I had not thought of doing any such thing.  It made me think about how some people get a bit funny when hearing about a woman being on a stage  having ‘someone non- physical’ speak through her body using her mouth.  Whilst it is Esther’s voice, speaking the speak,  it is “a group consciousness from the non-physical dimension” collectively called Abraham, giving the message and responses to questions from the audience.  These answers swing between inspirational, confrontational, direct, humorous and introspective.

Esther Hicks

Esther Hicks

It is said that Esther “channels Abraham”. She would prefer you leave the word channelling out of it because the word implies something she is not.  She says she receives blocks of thought, and translates that thought into words that we can understand.

I have been listening to Abraham for 10 years!  I never realised it had been that long until I thought about how I was first introduced to them, which was when I first moved up to the Northern Rivers.  I began to listen, liked what I heard, then life dropped a few bombshells (as it has a tendency to do) that threw me off balance, so I put listening onto the back bench, until one day I reached over pulled out a CD and began listening again.  What transpired was a long affinity where I could not get enough.

Since a little girl I had often dreamt of travelling on a ship and in 2007 I took my first cruise to Alaska with Abraham.

Glaciers in Alaska

Glaciers in Alaska

When the ship was at sea, 500 of us gathered in the auditorium and listened to Abraham.  People asked questions and received answers, invariably not in the way they expected.  It was interesting to note that whatever question arose in my mind ( even about sex!) it was answered directly through a question someone else asked.  I was totally inspired!  I met some beautiful people, several of whom I am still in correspondence with today.
The following year in 2008,  I travelled to the Mediterranean, met up with a woman I had met on the first cruise and did it all again. I just loved Abraham’s message and confess I’ve been addicted to travel since the age of 18, so felt I was in heaven. Then Esther and Jerry Hicks began travelling to Australia.  My relationship with Abraham continued.  In 2011 it was a cruise around my homeland New Zealand.  The Abraham attendees on that cruise were the highest ever, 900 of us!

Why am I talking about all of this?  Well, the recent visit by Esther and the consequential listening to Abraham answer the same old questions, in the same old way, made me realise that there are never ending ways people can ask the same questions that have already been answered over and over again.  Because we all experience life through our own filters  and are influenced by that filter, it colours the way we see the world and experience our lives.  I realised that Abraham have, for the last 25 years, been answering the same questions, asked in endless ways, with never ending analogies and words which is never enough for most people.  That search for the meaning of life will never be fulfilled as long as we rely on external ‘things’ out there to fill the void, ie: relationships, money, mothers and story!!!!

I have listened to many teachers throughout my life and they each have influenced my understanding of what is and their messages have given me my own unique sense of clarity.  It will NOT be the same as anyone else’s, but nevertheless holds me in good stead.  There is no right or wrong with any of this, or indeed any of us, as we decipher and make what we will out of guidance we receive from our avenues of choice.

No one can limit where I can direct my thought. I understand there are no limits to the joyous journeys I have to experience and have experienced. Allowing others their experiences allows me mine.  As I grow and expand my consciousness, I am greedy for more, more understanding, more spiritual teachers, more ways to help me ‘get it’, (whatever ‘it’ is) and to those that can step aside and allow non-physical consciousness speak to us through their physical bodies…. thank you!!!

If you want to listen first hand to Abraham you can go to their You Tube channel.

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