Renewable and Clean Energy

Coal Seam Gas-csg2-620x349Headlines such as More gas needed to slow rising energy costs really make me shake my head in dismay.  You have to kidding!  We live in Australia.  This country has enough desert to entirely power the country ( and half the world probably) from solar energy!  In Europe there are entire towns that are powered by solar energy. The village of Wildpoldsried is producing 321% more energy than it needs! The small agricultural village in the state of Bavaria is generating an impressive $5.7 million in annual revenue from renewable energy, from various sources and it is NOT Coal Seam Gas!

Wadebridge in the UK is powered by solar energy.  This country is a joke, more sun than you can poke a stick at, and we are being held to ransom by Energy providers lauding it over young and old AND getting away with it. Personally, I think the price of electricity at the moment is outrageous!

I recently watched a 4 Corners programme on the ABC that showed AGL Energy and the destruction of land owned by farmers in their ruthless pursuit of drilling and setting up Coal Seam Gas wells all over the country.

Since that programme went to air AGL Energy has put its application to develop 66 coal seam gas wells in western Sydney on hold, after encountering strong community opposition and hostility from the Federal Government.

I was so disgusted as I watched the 4 Corners programme because not only were AGL my electricity supplier, they were being less than up front over the results from their feasibility studies.

The next morning after a sleepless night I began researching on how I could change my electricity supply to one that was more environmentally sustainable and renewable.  This was how I came across Hydro Tasmania and Momentum Energy.  I did not use any company that offers you an analysis of cheap or renewable energy, because I felt that if they are receiving commission I was unlikely to receive an impartial, and transparent referral.

smilepower_rgb Since their first hydropower development almost a century ago, Hydro Tasmania has been a leader in renewable energy development and is Australia’s largest producer of renewable energy. Today, a combination of water and wind power is used to harness natural energy.  Sounds good to me.

I have changed power sources to Momentum whose parent company is Hydro Tasmania

So what do they offer?

Those who switch to renewable SmilePower, will make some great savings. You can secure our extremely competitive rates for up to three years*, and you won’t have a carbon charge on your bill!

How does it work?

They ensure the equivalent amount of renewable energy is fed directly into the National Electricity Market by the parent company, Hydro Tasmania. Which means you can smile, knowing that you’ve chosen a clean energy source.

So, your energy consumption is matched by the generation of clean energy. It’s a ‘Yes’ from me.

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