As the cooler evenings set in, and I close the curtains to retain warmth in my home, I find myself picking up knitting needles and wool and knitting!  Because I want this process to be meditative, I do not do anything other than purchase colourful wool

Knitted Squares

Knitted Squares

(usually acrylic) and sit and knit 20cm squares. I don’t have to think about what I am doing as much as go through the motion, listen to music, occasionally watch something on TV or settle into one of Spiritual Cinema Circle DVD’s.

It is an instinctive thing, when as each winter draws closer I find myself picking up those knitting needles.

So, about these knitted squares!  I lived in South Africa in the 70’s and as many of you know worked in Perth with those living with HIV and AIDS.  In Africa there are thousands (millions?) of vulnerable children, often orphaned through their parents dying of AIDS. This is one way I can make a difference.

I came across Knit-A-Square (KAS) somehow on Facebook and from there went to their website and got the instructions for their knitted squares.  if you can knit (or crochet – which I can’t) then this is a great charity to benefit from keeping your fingers nimble on these cooler nights.

I only knit the squares as I am not much good with beanies etc.  Very simple patterns are available for those more adventurous with their craft. There are women all around the world knitting for this charity helping it give blankets to desperately, needy children.

A cute recipient

A cute recipient

I often am in awe of the one-step-at-a-time philosophy.  We see it in action around us all the time.  There is the Avaaz Organisation gathering signatures via the internet from all around the world, contributing to real change. There are those collecting books for education in Africa (one book at a time).  The Smith Family, here in Australia, providing education for one child at a time. This Knit A Square Charity eagerly accepting one knitted square at a time.  There is Hap Cameron with Bicycles for Africa project.   Many of you probably know of other organisations whereby one-step-at-a-time, ensures real progress is being made in assisting and helping those less fortunate than ourselves.

So if any  of you feel moved to do so, please join me in knitting squares for blankets.  I know knitting is possibly on its way to becoming a dying art these days, as I notice my young granddaughter is not remotely interested.  Even the elongated cotton reel with the 4 hooks  ( or nails) on the top that you wind wool around and pull through the centre,  which her mother loved doing when she was a child, does not resonate with her at all.  So times change.  She is more nimble on her ipad than I am.

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