Anita Moorjani and her book ‘Dying to Be Me’

Anita Moorjani is the author of ‘Dying To Be Me: My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing’.

Anita Moorjani

This memoir is inspirational and written with such clarity and contains many profound insights.  I am in awe of anyone who can write about the unexplainable in such a poignant way, especially with the limitations of the English language.  I can feel how there are no words to aptly describe Anita’s Near Death Experience and on that note this writer has done exceptionally well.

What a journey!  I originally got this book on kindle and finished it within 2 days.  Then I began watching You Tube interviews.  The book in itself is a remarkable memoir, the underlying message(s), so uplifting, and the way it touched me had me ordering a hardcopy just to be able to pick it up at random and read at will, make notations and simply bathe in the understanding it gives me of the physical realm and the non-physical realm.   Also, more importantly, it really highlights the way we treat ourselves, the way our thoughts take over our ‘reality’  and how fear based our thinking is for the most part.

Given the stresses of day to day life along with the way we seem to be bombarded with negativity everywhere we look these days (that being primarily television, magazines, newspapers and radio, not to mention what is available on You Tube if you are that way inclined)  it is no wonder there are those of us that succumb to life threatening illnesses .

It is so refreshing to have a book that reminds us to love us ourselves, to remember and connect with our magnificence and to realise that heaven is not a place it is a state of being!  ‘Dying to Be Me’ resonated with me and shifted my thinking, there is no doubt about that.

As the author herself states: ” Before I close, I’d like to leave you with a few final words. Always remember not to surrender your power–instead, get in touch with your own magnificence. When it comes to finding the right path, there’s a different answer for each person. The only universal solution I have is to love yourself unconditionally and be yourself fearlessly! This is the most important lesson I learned from my NDE, and I honestly feel that if I’d always known this, I never would have gotten cancer in the first place.
When we’re true to ourselves, we become instruments of truth for the planet. Because we’re all connected, we touch the lives of everyone around us, who then affect others. Our only obligation is to be the love we are and allow our answers to come from within in the way that’s most appropriate for us.

Finally, I can’t stress enough how important it is to enjoy yourself and not take yourself or life too seriously. One of the biggest flaws with many traditional spiritual systems is that they give you such a somber outlook.  Although you know that I abhor creating doctrines, if I ever had to create a set of tenets for a spiritual path to healing, number one on my list would be to make sure to laugh as often as possible throughout every single day–and preferably laugh at myself. This would be hands down over and above any form of prayer, meditation, chanting, or diet reform. Day-to-day problems never seem as big when viewed through a veil of humor and love.

In this age of information technology, we’re bombarded with news seemingly at the speed of light. We’re living in an age of high stress and fear, and in the midst of trying to protect ourselves from everything we think is “out there,” we’ve forgotten to enjoy ourselves and to take care of what’s inside.

Our life is our prayer. It’s our gift to this universe, and the memories we leave behind when we someday exit this world will be our legacy to our loved ones. We owe it to ourselves and to everyone around us to be happy and to spread that joy around.

If we can go through life armed with humor and the realization that we are love, we’ll already be ahead of the game. Add a box of good chocolates into the mix, and we’ve really got a winning formula!

I wish you joy as you realize your magnificence and express yourself fearlessly in the world.

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