Forgiveness Like You Have Never Seen Before!

The powerforgivenessWhat are you like with forgiveness?  Do you harbor situations, experiences and occurrences long past that did not turn out the way you wanted.  Arguments where there was no winner? Forgiveness is a double edged coin in my view.  There is forgiveness of others and forgiveness of yourself.  It would seem we can be more objective when it comes to others and ‘what they did’ rather than feel the same way about our contribution to so called ‘wrongs’ or mistakes.

Newsletter readers have recently received an opportunity to purchase some interviews from the Hay House World Summit.

In the prelude to this summit we were sent some pre-event videos.  One of them, an interview with Dr Wayne Dyer and a young woman literally took my breath away!  It was so powerful, bought me to tears and caught me off guard.  If you ever wanted a lesson in forgiveness then this is it. 

What is not lost on me, is what some people experience in their lives, then go on to share with the humanity at large, offering a lesson in compassion (and in this case forgiveness) that stops us in our tracks!

Watch this and see for yourself.

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