The Year of Full Moons!

Quite a year huh? It has been a bumpy ride for many and it is not over yet. It has been a while since I have made the time to write for my site, and with the whirl wind of events taking place on the planet it is not hard to understand why.
Full moonIs it just me or has life accelerated a hundred fold?  So many ‘little deaths’ throughout the year for many, and in using those words I am certainly not making light of the serious sh*t some people have been through that are genuine ‘big deaths’.   The ‘little death’ is translation from the French “la petite mort”, a popular reference for a sexual orgasm. That is not the kind of ‘little death’ I am talking about.

This year seems to be one of really sorting the wood from the chaff and making changes and being accountable and having integrity in all things we say and do.  Gosh have I really become more discerning through my experiences’especially in relation to other people and those who I work with.

Buddhist Sogyal Rinpoche’s The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying’s quote: “Life is nothing but a continuing dance of birth and death, a dance of change.” has never felt more true!  Whilst there must indeed be some glorious ‘births’ of a kind happening, I notice (myself included) many people tend to be more focussed on the ‘deaths’ that have taken place and are indeed still occurring.  There is so much re-balancing and shifting of energy happening, that many of us are dusting ourselves down, while others are wandering around a little lost

I heard a very interesting channel from Kryon earlier on in the year that spoke of a ‘year of full moons’ and  that has definitely been my experience. It is not all doom and gloom, however planetary energy seems heightened and chaos ensues just like when there is a full moon.   Being open to change is never easy. Plans go awry, appointments are changed at the last minute, people from the past pop up, others disappear, people rush, others sit and watch, plans go awry.   To plan or not plan. I am now planning to walk in a certain direction until the “now” offers another plan as it frequently does.

Meanwhile may the rains extinguish fires, may our politics become more respectful, may people who love each other be allowed to marry, may Dami Im win X Factor (boy can she deliver)Dami-Im-Performances-X-Factor-Australia now there’s something to smile about, may 16 year old Liz recover from the deep trauma she has experienced, click on the link to sign a petition

We only need to sign this petition  in relation to Liz to make a difference.  Are you up for it?  You never know whose life that signature may affect ( for the good) in relation to ongoing issues in countries that are very different to ours.

Simplicity is what I would like to plan, simplicity in my day to day life, surroundings and choosing.

I read an amazing article on this very word.

Here’s to a simple life.

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