The Joy of Aroma

I recently had the good fortune to attend the doTerra Convention on the Gold Coast.  It was highly informative, restored my faith in the fact that some companies do have integrity and are committed to excellence as well as learning some new tricks of the trade.

I love my work as a massage therapist.  It is one of the best occupations I have had (on and off for the last 25 years).  I am reminded of how meditative I become once I place my hands on a body.  The rhythmical move of my hands, the smell of the oils, the music from Sharmanic Journey ( one of my favourites) and I am off into a space that feels wonderful.  At the doTERRA Convention I attended the training for the Aromatouch Technique™ and through observing, receiving and then doing, I came to know and understand the power of this technique.  It was impressive.

Once home I was ready to offer sessions to the family and was not prepared for the amazing responses to their treatments. They whole heartedly were jumping out of their skins the next day, lethargy gone, tiredness gone, low energy gone! I was in awe.   Consequently I have had great delight in offering  sessions to people I have come in contact with, that have needed a boost for whatever reason and have delighted in giving them a session. The results have remained extremely positive.

Aromatouch Technique

Aromatouch Technique

It is such a great feeling to work from the heart, with amazing oils and watch people benefit and take their leave with a heightened sense of wellbeing.

On that note, many of you may not realise but this site has finally got a small shop up and running and if any of you would like to experience the magical aroma of a bottle of doTERRA (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) essential oil,  with the added benefit of an ultrasonic diffuser, then check it out

I just love these oils and diffusers (yes I have many of them, bedroom, lounge, massage room) and in the studio I work from at a local Resort.  I am surrounded by wonderful aromas all day, everyday and in the evenings I will at times, choose specific oils to enhance my sleeping, or assist me in moving through stress of some kind.  As Christmas is coming up I know these diffusers will make great gifts and delight friends and family immensely.  I invite you to head on over to the shop and check out the oils, the diffusers and the beautiful cards on offer from a WA artist.  Enjoy!

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