Integrity in Politics

It is interesting to see over the weekend that Tony Abbott had his You Tube channel shut down for misleading and deceptive content!!!

This is the video that caused the stir and forced You Tube to stand by their guidelines and show integrity.



This is going to happen more and more often in this country and indeed the planet as there is a bigger picture always in motion bringing about change we may not expect. Yet, many of us have cried out in despair for more honesty, veracity and integrity, whether that be in relation to religion, business, banking, insurance or politics! It is beginning to happen!


Most of us are feeling a shift in energy.  There has been a shift in the energy of this planet, over the past year and this shift is about strength not weakness.  We are moving into a new reality, a new vibrational playing ground where things that are out of integrity are going to start to fail more often than not.  Those who attribute greed in all the things that they do and have done, are going to start to fail!    Greed is an old and dark energy that is no longer a tool that’s going to work anymore.  Hurray for that I say!


There comes a time when enough is enough and when those who run government and run big corporations will wring their hands and ask “what is it that we are doing wrong?”  Strategies that used to work time, after time, after time, on human nature suddenly will not work anymore.


We as the people who live in this country Australia can and must unite in insisting on more transparency, more openness, more truth and most of all to insist that the “ Fair Go” Australia is known for,  is preserved.


Another example of this energy of change is Colin Barnett, the Premier of Western Australia, who has been put on notice by people countrywide.  Culling sharks after seven fatal attacks in three years is not the answer.  Good God, shall we kill and cull snakes because humans get bitten?  We swim and surf, laugh and play in the ocean.  We all know sharks live in the ocean.  It is their home. We, as individuals, make a choice, our OWN choice, I might add, as to whether to enter the ocean, or not.


Sharks have a right to swim in the oceans upon this planet.  I have never been so disgusted to see a Premier wielding a large fish hook, with the most repulsive grin on his face.  It was sickening and this was in front of the media.  A media that adores stirring the pot, that lauds sensationalism and of course let’s not forget, enjoys promoting fear.


It is unprecedented that not only are the public in Western Australia up in arms, but the uprising has spread across the continent.  This is energy in action.  We, as a people are becoming more ardent about standing up for what we do not want.  So politicians take note. You are being served.


Now let’s watch how election tactics in the future that smack of negativity, snide remarks, and shaming your opposition is not going to work any longer.  More and more people are not going to want to vote for those who cannot hold the vision of how they can serve their country and the people.  Our recent elections last year, gave rise to a wave of discontent and disgust in relation to constant criticisms and remarks that were personal, negative and the continual verbal bashing of opponents.


Enough!  Time to go grow up!  As mass consciousness continues to grow, expand and change, I believe we will indeed see the ‘old’ energy surrounding our politicians and business change in ways we would have once  never believed possible.

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