In the Public Eye and Fat?

It was with delight I read this anchor woman’s response to an email sent to her, regarding her weight.  I often wonder who we think we are when criticising others.  Who are we to make derogatory remarks about another?  Whose business is it anyway?  What  gives us the right to publicly denounce another?  Yes, yes, I know our politicians are very good at that kind of behaviour.  Their constant barrage of negativity and againstness is beamed into most homes around the country daily, so there are those in the masses who take it as a given to denigrate another, whether we know them or not.

This woman mentions schools which had me recalling when my grandson was bullied by the Japanese teacher at Kingscliff High School. You can read about that here.

Jennifer, you are an amazing woman and what’s more I love the way you dealt with this in a responsible, positive way. A great example of standing up for what you believe in.


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