See you on the other side Wayne Dyer

A motivator extraordinaire

A motivator extraordinaire

I remember my first Spiritual Conference in Perth, Western Australia more than 22 years ago where Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay and Stuart Wilde were all part of the line up.

I have never forgotten that Conference, as Stuart Wilde was so irreverent he had people walking out by the dozen.  I was in fits of laughter at the righteousness of those leaving.  He sure pushed some buttons.  Stuart Wilde made his transition May 1st, 2013, and now too Wayne Dyer has transitioned to the non-physical . As Stuart would say (no doubt) “Let’s PAAARTAY” !!!

Wayne wrote great books, assisted and inspired thousands upon thousands of people to see life differently, led many workshops, made films and was interviewed by many . This world is certainly a better place for the knowledge and message he imparted.

Here is one of many amazing messages

“Take the last five minutes of your day, and put your attention on everything that you would like to attract into your life: ‘I am well. I am healed. I am in perfect health. I am abundant. I am happy.’ Say those things to yourself. Then you’ll marinate for eight hours, and you’ll awaken and you’ll begin to attract the things that are in your subconscious mind.”

Blessed Be Wayne Dyer.

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