Let’s review the refugee crisis.

A few months ago pictures of dead children on a beach galvanised the planet into outrage and a show of compassion that was loud and vocal.  Then for a moment, just a moment, the leaders on the planet came together and looked at how they could play their part in responding to this global challenge.  They said “Let them in”.child refugee

Let’s back up.  This was not the first time we had seen pictures of children dead on the beach or in the ocean.  The boat people trying to escape the tyranny, evil and the horror of their homeland make desperate attempts to protect their children and selves. This has been going on for years as those living in Australia know.

Again, this was not the first time we witnessed deaths of children, but it was the FIRST time there was a compassionate reaction. So what does that tell us?  Humanity is changing. Those pictures made a difference.

As the flood gates opened, problems began. There were those refugees who stirred up trouble after coming in with children (not even their own).  Others, who came in with adverse intent.  Then there were the needy, the ones who really needed to come and no one could vet them. No one knew the difference!!!

Do you know what is really needed here?  The Department of Compassion.  A Department of Government that can take the time to evaluate and investigate each families safety and needs.  To house them in a way that is comfortable, with dignity.  Yes weed out the fakes, but accommodate these people in a way where their self-esteem and self-worth and self-respect is kept intact.  A system of compassion is what is required.

boat peopleSurely there are Governments who believe it is time to spend money on this kind of issue.  It needs to make sense, those who we let in and those who we turn back.  It does NOT make sense to shut the door and wipe our hands of the matter. We need a system of compassion. A changing consciousness does not have the facilities with an old system to handle refugees in the same ‘old’ way.

We need a system that is compassionate and wise.  Where would the money come from you ask? Of course it would take many people and a lot of money, but wouldn’t it be worth it?  All we need is to make do with ONE less submarine or ONE less war ship and there is millions for starters.

One day wisdom will start to prevail.


This blog is based on the message ‘New Systems’ from Kryon
Viewing: Rent or Buy at You Tube ‘Mary Meets Mohammed’ a documentary of Tasmania’s first detention centre.
Further reading: ‘We Are Here’ author Cat Thao Nguyen and ‘Shining’ author Abdi Aden and Robert Hillman

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