TrumpThe strangest most dysfunctional thing that is happening in the world, at the moment, has without doubt, to be the American elections. Has it occurred to you, that what you are seeing right now is a change of world consciousness? It couldn’t be clearer!

What human beings are seeing on their TV’s is that what they want today is not what they wanted yesterday. The establishment is outdated, old, not working and out of this dysfunction a new way will emerge. Thank God!

So Australia, watch and listen.

In the USA there are odd candidates, odd leaders. It doesn’t have to make sense. This election is a marker for the planet to watch democracy in action, acting out in a dysfunctional way. It is old and broken. It is a survival system of voting and winning or losing. It is a battle. With words the candidates fight to win a battle. It is literally an ‘old’ energy process, based on winning and losing. Winner takes all.

In order to change government it is almost impossible to break away from the ‘old’. Another way, will need to start up to show everybody, not only in America, but in the world, the way it can be.

This other way will show the world what they are missing. Similar to Democracy maybe, but with another huge step further along the path of functionality.

So what would a new democracy look like? One thing for sure, there will always be dissension, always differences and opposing perceptions. So how can politics be handled in a different way?

Let’s stretch the imagination.

A new democracy would not elect a President or Prime Minister from one party or the other. They instead would elect a Compromiser. The very office of this Compromiser will NOT have a strong party affiliation with one or the other. The person that holds office will be elected for their ability to enable compromise between the Parties. To get things done, be one that is wiser than the others.

Yes! A whole new way of electing.

Now that is wisdom in action!

It will be a better way. Is it possible? The public is clamouring for it. They want someone who can put or bring things together, not tear them down. They don’t want to watch someone beat their chests and gloat about being ahead or winning. A Compromiser would be able to say ‘I am here to make things work between these opposing parties, now let’s work together’.

Let’s watch and wait and see.

Will wisdom prevail?

This blog is based on the message ‘New Systems’ from Kryon

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