As I look and listen to what’s going on around the world, I find myself wringing my hands in despair. I am not an avid news reader or watcher, however, no matter who your friends, workmates or acquaintances are, most are ready to say “ Did you hear about…..?”TV remote

Usually, these people are referring to news about the guy who shot a family member, a would be terrorist attack, the car crash where they found drugs, a political showdown, the man who would be President of the USA, the mother who backed over her toddler, the plane that went down, the man in a neighbourhood siege, the list goes on and on and on.

What is the fixation we appear to have on all the fear based, negative, off-putting, depressive news that pours into our homes and lives? There are Apps on our phones, Facebook, Twitter, emails and goodness knows what else being used by fellow humans, repeatedly ensuring we know about the latest fiasco occurring somewhere in our community, country or world.

In relationships many of us have learned that what you hold on to, gnaw at, repeat over and over, will continue to be right in our face, until, we learn to let go, change our behaviour and just stop! I say relationships (whether family, friends or workplace) because we are every day, in many ways relating to others continually (whether it be the butcher, the supermarket check out person or our hairdresser). In conversation it is mostly negative re-telling of some trauma or incident that has occurred somewhere to someone (that is not even known personally by any of us).

It appears, generally speaking, we are constantly ‘pushing against’ society and others, full of judgement and more often than not aghast at what takes on a daily basis, somewhere, someplace at some time, and still actively spreading the very thing we find so distasteful.

Media will ensure that they get to us somehow. Then it is rinse and repeat – on and on it goes.feeling good

I have a question. Does all this drama, all the hate fuelled TV clips and programmes, scathing conversations, crash scenes, does all this make you feel good? Are you uplifted by the negativity? Do you really need to know about every car crash, shark bite or drowning?

Surely not.

Why are we told about every car crash, especially the fatal ones? Is it supposed to make us slow down, be more vigilant on the roads? It doesn’t appear to work from where I sit. Personally, it is none of my business. Why do we need to hear about it? How do the families feel when the death of their beloved/s are plastered all over the news, car included? If they are unlucky enough to have a microphone shoved in their face, the reporter ALWAYS asks the most daft and senseless questions, such as “how do you feel’, I mean Really!

I often ponder about the likelihood of a “Good NEWS Channel” for television.

I remember a few years back when ‘The Project’ on Channel 10 had Charlie Pickering at the helm. For one week, they talked about and showed ONLY good news. It was incredible. All ‘feel good’ stories, that made one smile, restored faith in humanity in general and left us with a GREAT feeling.

OlympicsI remember another time in our recent history, when the City of Sydney (especially), and most of Australia at large, were happy, I mean, really happy. People were joyful, friendly and full of love for one another. It was when we had the Olympics. Do you know we had no news reports or front pages of ANY newspaper talking of death, destruction, war, terrorists or car fatalities. For two entire weeks the TV and inside pages of the media carried, joyful smiles, people unknown to each other, embracing. The smiles on people’s faces were as wide as the Sydney Harbour Bridge, it was infectious and there was ‘love and happiness in the air’. Everyone talked to one another, whether they knew you or not. It was an incredible, amazing, really uplifting time. One I will never forget.  I won’t forget it, not because of Cathy Freedman or Ian Thorpe, but because of the unity of people. The coming together in joy and harmony. It was special. It felt GOOD!!!

So next time you open your mouth to pass on a snippet of information, stop and ask yourself, ‘Does this feel good?’ ask yourself ‘Am I spreading the very thing I deplore, thereby giving it more energy? Am I about to spread harmony and upliftment? Is my tuppence worth going to make me feel good and thereby spread good?’

Small steps, with awareness, has the potential to make a massive difference to the whole.

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