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doTERRA Wild Orange

doTERRA Wild Orange

It is no secret I use essential oils. Every day and in every way.  I sniff, diffuse, apply, ingest and rave on to anyone within earshot, about how much I love my dōTERRA oils. I have used many brands of essential oils over the years as fragrance for my body and also in my massage practice.  None have had such a profound influence upon me as the dōTERRA Certified Therapeutic Grade oils. I have found them to be a very effective addition to my healing and balancing work and my life.

I will never forget the evening, five years ago, when I was handed a sample bottle of dōTERRA’s Wild Orange.  I was attending a Zonta meeting and remember saying, extremely loudly from memory, ‘that smells so pure, what on earth is it?’  I was blown away and instantly captivated.  I immediately welcomed dōTERRA into my life.

For as long as I can remember, I have always had a sensitivity to smells.  I have an extremely low tolerance for cigarette smoke, in fact none!  To think I too used to be a smoker, many, many years ago.  Eek!
I remember working in London with a woman whose application of perfume was enough to knock you dead!  If she had been in the elevator before I arrived, I could smell this cloying fragrance that was nauseating! No one opened windows in Regent Street offices. I did!  I was gagging for any air that did not reek of perfume and especially chemicals!

I use my dōTERRA oils to bring balance into my life emotional, physically, mentally and spiritually.  That doesn’t mean my life is perfect.  Far from it.  Challenges continue to arise, moments of doubt and fear come and go. Moods go up and down.  I do have a lot to be grateful for though, thanks to my dōTERRA oils.

Eighteen months ago I was driving one of five cars involved in a pile up. Three vehicles behind me were unable to stop in time and piled into my stationery vehicle, bang, bang, bang!  I remember being in a twisted position after swinging my car hard to the left to miss the car in front of me and coming to a stop, a whisker short of hitting that car.  I glanced in the rear vision and realised what was about to happen. The force of the collision from behind impacted on the driver’s side, pushing me into the car in front.  My foot was so hard on the brake that I am surprised it did not go through the floor.  I was trying to stop the unstoppable!  I was 65 years of age when that occurred.  I had never been involved in an accident in my life and remember clearly everything around me, in me and of me, shattering into millions of tiny pieces.

The result of course was whiplash, PTSD, a torn gluteus muscle (which was not confirmed until 3 months later) and anger.  So much anger.  This was not so much blaming, or finger pointing, but an anger, triggered by the collision, that continues to bubble and burst through, in conversation, in my head at other drivers. When driving these days there are those, who in my view, are driving recklessly in front of me, beside me and behind me.  Talk about hyper vigilance! Then there is the anger at the loss of my comfortable lifestyle before it was all shook up.

Alas, I am unable to massage, something I love doing so much, in the numbers I could. My life has irrevocably changed!  Seemingly through something outside my control.

So, the oils! PTSD does not disappear easily.  It has many layers and masks!  My dōTERRA oils continue to help me so much.frankincense_card1_web(pp_w765_h546)

A roller bottle containing Frankincense and Wild Orange in equal parts has been a constant since being accused, by those closest to me, of being deeply depressed and not nice to be around earlier this year. Then there is the ritual of placing Ylang Ylang on the back of my neck each morning, using Lavender Peace on my pillow and top sheet every evening, ingesting Frankincense in honey, drinking lots of water with Lemon drops in it and diffusing uplifting or calming oils to help with mood.

Life goes on. You see, I refuse to take anti depressants!  For the most part, I refuse to take anti biotics as well. So it is up to my relationship with Mother Nature to continue the healing process.  An ongoing journey no doubt, yet ever so more enhanced, I believe, by the use of my dōTERRA oils.

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