Compassion Required Australia

What are we doing Australia? Really, I mean it.  What the hell have we come to? What are we allowing to happen in this country?Mojgan Shamsalipoor4

Hon Peter Dutton, Minister for Immigration and Border Protection enforcing laws that do not see anyone as an individual. That separate a wedded couple and force a young woman to complete her schooling being driven from detention with an armed guard, after being originally released on a bridging visa.  Does anyone in Government care that this 22 year old woman studying at a school who was a prized pupil?  A woman who wanted/wants to become a midwife?

Men in high places, wearing suits, passing down their verdicts, will never know what it is like to be a woman, raped and torn apart by a step-father in Iran. Will never know or understand how it feels when  other males abuse and rape you again when in confinement.

Mojgan Shamsalipoor3Mojgan Shamsalipoor, my heart and many other Australian hearts cry out in despair as you remain separated from your husband Milad Jafari and in detention.  I am so sorry this government has no compassion. So, so sorry.

What I don’t understand is, what purpose does destroying two people’s lives, both of whom are not a threat to any living person in this country serve?  Can anyone tell me?

It is sickening, outrageous even, this continual, ongoing bias we have from and about each other as human beings. What is illegal about running away from tyranny, from dictatorship AND especially if you are female running away from beatings, abuse, rape and torture?

What I clearly do not understand is this.  If you have already proved your willingness to get ahead, educated yourself,  have set your sights on becoming a midwife, have blended into society, fallen in love and got married, then what the hell is this all about?  Does it really matter that this woman came here by boat?  That, in itself, would have been a terrifying journey.  It shows her stamina, her inner resolve, her respect for herself and the fact she was even born, to reach out and seek the best she can give herself in this life.Mojgan Shamsalipoor2

She arrives on Christmas Island.  She is released on a bridging visa. The bridging visa expires and the best we can do after she sets a life up for herself, is to tear her away from her husband and schooling and put her back in detention?  Come on!  Then to top it off, take her from Brisbane (where her husband could at least visit her) and fly her to the Northern Territory.  What is the sense in all of this? She is a human being!

When will we as a people have a government that shows compassion?  A government prepared to build bridges instead of lumping all immigrants (legal or so called ‘illegal’) together as terrorists because of how they came to this country.  The people at the top are so fear driven, their mindset so far removed from any sense of humility and understanding. Totally disconnected from what it is like to be human with any compassion whatsoever. Such arrogance!

I want those in high places to recognise all humans as sentient beings.  Hell, even New Zealand recognises animals as sentient beings.  This country is falling so far behind the rest of the world in so many ways, it is an embarrassment to us all.

Now about those young human beings being detained in the Northern Territory and sprayed with tear gas!   Bloody hell, time to build an ark and make our escape!

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