The Child and doTERRA Essential Oils

How I wish I had known about the benefits of using dōTERRA essential oil 17 years ago when my grandson was just a little one.israel - bike

The times those in charge in Day Care, Kindy and both Primary School and High School had problems with his behaviour. He was a quick learner and thinker.  He was also curious and liked to question. Why do teachers dislike that?

You see, he was too smart for his own good.  A real clever little boy who got bored easily.  It was bandied about that he had Attention Deficit Disorder and thankfully my daughter paid no attention to the minds that were made up and continued to be able to get him to listen to her and for the most part do what he was told.  He had and still has, an independent streak, is a young man who needs to focus on something when he is awake, whether that be reading a book, playing a video game or spending hours in the surf watching and waiting for that next wave.

As a youngster, (he was four years of age) he ventured into riding dirt bikes and that was when I noticed how intently he would focus. How he would listen to his father’s instructions and how he had no fear.  Then there were the days in school where he became bored, caused stir ups in the class, received venom from more than one teacher (mostly female) and got paid out a lot.  He never had it easy at school.

VetiverKnowing what I know now, I would have ensured that dōTERRA’s Cedarwood and Vetiver were rubbed on the soles of his feet every day before school.  I would have had Lavender diffusing in his room at night.  I would have had Rosemary, Sage, Peppermint and Eucalyptus on offer when he was studying.  Not that he laboured with his studies.  Usually between surfing a few waves and then a couple of hours cramming, he still got high results in most exams.  He was and still is a high achiever. He does well at many things, even being a pain the arse at times!  One way I was able to assist with quietening his mind and body was to give him an Aromatouch treatment. It took a while for him to let go, that tendency to question or comment, even during a massage process would continue.

I can see as young adult that his moments of being prone to reaction and anger could do with some dousing.  Myrrh comes to mind. Now at University I rarely see him. Our grandchildren grow up and move on in life.

Modern trends these days certainly lean toward our children eating more organic  food, reducing sugar intake, being open to homeopathy and visits to herbalists.  But for those lucky enough to have dōTERRA essential oils used in the home how+do+I+use+essential+oilconsistently, well, in terms of compounds that have the strongest concentrated health-promoting properties, there is not much as powerful as dōTERRA’s essential oils. The possibilities for each of us to experience an amazing difference in everyday health and wellbeing is remarkable.  It is good to see we are becoming more aware and more informed as to what is on offer ‘out there’.  Then the question is, “How do I become and remain consistent with the use of the oils?”  Now there is a challenge!

The more you use them the more they become second nature in your daily regime. When you notice the difference in mood, wellbeing or a health issue through using the oils, then it is easier to become determined to remain consistent in their use. Try it and see.


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