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networkAre you serious about your Network Marketing business?  How comfortable are you with direct sales and  networking?  We, who have joined dōTERRA are known as Wellness Consultants.  It is a great label.  It is what we do.  We consult, share, affirm, listen, advocate.  Nonetheless we are part of a Network Marketing business. A very successful one at that. We offer, we share, we build teams under us, all in order for ourselves and others to experience the world of these exquisite oils.  We bask in the aroma and enjoy the benefits.

For those of us who order monthly, we receive points to put towards free products and some of us receive commissions for our efforts. In fact some of us don’t even pay out of our own pocket for our monthly orders as our commissions cover each order.  Now there’s a goal to set for yourself!

There are many people I know who say they don’t want to push dōTERRA onto their friends.  Who say they don’t want to SELL oils to their friends.  Who say they don’t feel comfortable badgering their friends into joining. I agree with them wholeheartedly.

I don’t believe becoming a dōTERRA Wellness Consultant is about any of that.  I certainly would not want to badger anyone into joining dōTERRA.  As far as selling oils, well that is not what consultants do either.   The irony is though,  I did this myself for years.  The amount of times I ordered oils (from the USA in those days) for other people, month after month.  There were countless times I got caught short on exchange rates, credit card fees and postage costs. After a while I realised I was indeed selling oils,more than sharing the concept and the information about doTerra, like where the oils come from and their benefits. Eventually I suggested to my orderers, “Why don’t you join?  Pay your $35 and buy what you want, when you want, how you want and you can have the entire range at your fingertips.”  It worked and our team became larger as a result

The exception to what I have just said is where 2 or 3 people mutually join forces because of financial restrictions, and as one consultant, place an order to reach a certain Point Value (PV) each month. That is a great way to get started and experience the benefits of using the oils.

doterra-symbolI see my role with dōTERRA as being in the business of sharing the oils.  I share with others the magic of dōTERRA ’s wonderful essential oils almost every day.  I love them.   It is not hard to have that conversation considering I am always wearing oils on my skin.  I wear them to enhance my mood, to feel good, to brighten my day, not to mention to assist some ache or pain I might be feeling.

I have been wearing essential oils on my skin for more than 25 years.  sandalwood-jpg2I used to buy Indian Sandalwood, Patchouli and go to the Body Shop and get Vanilla.  Most days I would wear Sandalwood and Patchouli.  Other times I would add the vanilla for a sweeter aroma.  I would mix a few drops of the oils in my plain body lotion and spread it all over my body. Now I have the luxury of using dōTERRA essential oils.

For me, dōTERRA is not about selling oils, it is about delighting in my friends and others having the information and the opportunity to take charge of their own health.  To advocate the benefits of actively using the oils for cleaning, for headaches, for calming, for sleeping or just to smell really awesome.  I see my role as  to support, help, assist and be of any use I can. The Compensation Plan is the icing on the cake. It is a wonderful reward for being enthused and willing to share the therapeutic benefits of using the oils daily.   I don’t claim to be an expert, there is so much to learn. We are on a journey together sharing the wonderful benefits of the world of dōTERRA’s essential oils and making the world a better place for our self and others.
A big thank you to all who have joined me for this remarkable ride.

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