Health, Oils and Lean Bodies

Health these days seems to be defined by manic exercise, lean, thin fit bodies and raw food or Paleo diets.  So what happens to those who don’t fit into that category?

Many people struggle with their weight and diets, which is not helped by the big corporations that tamper with the modification of seeds that become our foods. Nor is it helped by advertising and marketing gurus who go on about ‘low fat’ while the sugar content of yoghurt, for example, can be through the roof. Consumers believe they are eating well by choosing a lower fat option and yet the product is loaded to the gills with sugar. What to do?

There was a time in our history that smoking was good you.  I remember as a child the Camel advertisements with John Wayne in magazines.  So was drinking Cocoa Cola, where it was claimed it cured headaches.

We know better now.  The internet has given us the means to research, not that everything on the internet is true either!  There is always room for discernment and common sense.  But we have the power at our fingertips to research and look for better options and make informed choices.

I have always believed the body is a self healing mechanism, which is made up of the physical body, the emotional body and the spiritual body.  When we take the care of our bodies back into our own hands, we become empowered.  Mother Nature has many wonderful herbs and oils to ensure our health and wellbeing. I do believe that traditional health care is necessary and that there is room for both medical professionals and for natural modalities as well. Hence my wonderful array of essential oils.

My nana was one who also believed in various types of healing.  She had a herbal home remedy book I remember, and would refer to it.  I recall her making me drink lemon, water, honey and kerosene (no kidding) to rid me of the flu. I put up such a fight – and didn’t win!  I am glad it had no lasting effects and I did not begin sniffing petrol as a teenager!  I also remember her applying Dr Rawleigh’s Camphor Balm and Antiseptic salve onto us kids when we had boils, or scraped ourselves in a tree or stood on a sharp shell.

For me, a person who began using essential oils more than 25 years ago, (once I gave up the cigarettes and the excessive drinking) I found my body responded differently, smelled different and became different.  Meditation found its way into my life, I met more and more like minded people and I changed.  Essential oils have remained a constant on my journey since then. Every day I use them in my water, on my body, in my diffuser. Day and night.

So back to my original question. What happens to those of us that do not fit into the elite fit of our nation?  Well, here’s what I do. I walk most days. I swim (or is that jump about in the surf). I do eat some meat. I even like the crisp fat on meat on occasion. I drink a good 2 litres of water a day. I don’t drink a lot of alcohol. I love vegetables, eat salad and even juice 2 or 3 times a week. I make a mean raw chocolate slice with drops of Wild Orange in it.  Am I svelte and fit? Not on your Nelly!  Quite frankly, it is not in my genes. I have given up trying to look and be what others think I should.  I am who I am and I like me as I am.

My one constant is my oils. I don’t buy up at the Health Food Store any more with vitamin B this or that, or with Magnesium or Curcumin powders. I stick with one thing now and it is working.  My dōTERRA CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) essential oils and supplements.

I take the Long Life Vitality Pack (LLV), a pack of 3, which covers all the following bases.

Alpha CRS+ which is a cellular vitality complex. (therein, my Curcumin) and powerful polyphenols to protect cells from free-radical molecules that can damage cellular DNA.

xEO MEGA which provides ultra-pure essential fatty acids to help balance the body’s natural anti-inflammatory response.

MICROPLEX VMz contains a balanced formula of vitamins and minerals formulated to provide key nutrients that support energy and immune functions.

I also take DDR Prime soft gels that helps protect the body against oxidative stress to cellular DNA.

That’s it. So what is different in my body?  My fingers no longer ache, (I am a Massage Therapist), my feet no longer cramp, I am no longer limping (thanks to Frankincense and Ice Blue rubbed onto my hip each day).   I use Frankincense oil every day, on the soles of my feet and back of my neck as well.  I love putting Black Pepper and Bergamot on the end of my nose, (helps with self-criticism and self worth).   I drink as a treat in the late afternoon, plain sparkling mineral water with a drop of Tangerine, Lemon and Wild Orange oils dropped onto the ice before topping up.  It is delicious! I use Whisper as a perfume and have In Tune with me constantly so I can focus. I could go on, but you get the picture.

So how can you get your hands onto these supplements and potent essential oils? Right here!  Check the oils out!   Just remember that you can enrol with a kit to give yourself a head start which includes your membership fee, or you can select on this sign up form the membership only and order what oils you would prefer as a matter of choice. Just choose Wellness Advocate to ensure your 25% discount on purchases.

If you have any questions email me at info@marie-elise.com  I am more than happy to guide and talk you through.




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