Human and Child Sex Trafficking

Some time ago I read a book called “The Little Princes”. It was written by Conor Grennan who had an extraordinary drive and quest to reunite ‘lost’ children with their parents.  His story is based in Nepal. There was a decade long Civil War in Nepal from 1996 – 2006. Maoist rebels  (Child traffickers), deceived families by promising to take their children to safety, then forced them to join the rebel army. They collected vast sums of money for ‘looking after’ these children. The traffickers then abandoned the children in Kathmandu, hundreds of miles from their homes. Pretty horrid stuff.

Last week I read a story about Anneke Lucas. Born in Belgium in 1963, now a woman, she has spoken out about how her mother put her to work as a sex slave when she was 6 years old!! You can read her story here.  It is savage and powerful and deeply potent. 

She was a sex slave to Europe’s elite. As a child she was forced to ensure horrific abuse, by those who should have known better AND she has come through this and grown into an amazing woman.  Through her own healing from the trauma she endured, she became inspired to become a Prison Yoga Project Director for the New York area. Karma yoga has helped her healing and to understand more about sharing and receiving love.

My response to her story when I  read it was : “I honour you, your story,  your becoming….. so that those of us who have also been touched of which you speak, can become more of Who We Truly Are!!!!!

It is no secret I am an addict. A dōTERRA oil addict through and through.  Do you know they have a Healing Hands, non-profit organisation?  Healing Hands is committed to improving lives through partnerships with other organizations offering hope to so many around the world through various projects.  Recently they joined with O.U.R. (Operation Underground Railroad).  They partnered so they can be a stronger force utilising world’s experts in extraction operations from child sex traffickers.

O.U.R. Rescue works with the law enforcement in the countries rescuing children ensuring everything is done legally, with the support of the local authorities, then helping with rehabilitation.  It is working, even when , no doubt, there is bound to be some corruption within the ranks of the local authorities, in some countries.

This year 221 children have been rescued.  Well done! There is the HOPE oil we can buy, called HOPE for a reason! It costs AUD$26. All money from this oil goes to O.U.R rescue operations in order to FREE THE CHILDREN from enslavement.




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