Depression and Supplements


In 2016 I was very challenged by old toxic interactions that no longer served me and finally things came to breaking point.  I was forced into taking a long, deep look into my behaviour, co-dependency, my propensity to rescue ( it never had the desired outcome) and allowing myself to be a doormat.  Of course people around me took advantage of my inability to see what I was doing and as a consequence I became more and more angry and more and more desperate.

Eventually I was forced into putting my hands up in the air and saying “Enough is enough!” I withdrew from the toxicity of those who did not respect me and more than anything I withdrew from emotionally harming myself on a daily basis.  I had no respect or love for myself either.  Around this time, I was given a book called “Essentially Happy” 3 simple Answers from Mother Nature for Overcoming Depression, by Rebecca Linder Hintze, (with Stephanie Gunning).

I was angry with the person who gave it to me. How dare they infer I was depressed! I was not happy at all! Ha! The operative words being ‘not happy’!

That afternoon I sat down and begrudgingly began reading the book. Page after page I turned.  I identified with what was being written and realised, (begrudgingly) I was indeed depressed.  I was hurting emotionally, I was in continual pain, (this is how the body expresses itself, shouting to be heard – through giving you pain) I was covered in an inexplicable rash up my back and front.  I finished reading the book before switching off the light to sleep that night. I had made notes. I had even made up an oil blend.  In a glass roller bottle I had blended equal parts of Frankincense and Wild Orange. I applied this to the bottoms of my feet, as well as to my chest 4-5 times a day AND onto the palm of my hand, rubbed my hands together and inhaled!  Often! (This was the simple easy-to-use blend)

I also read of research into the effects on peoples moods of Lifelong Vitality (LLV) which made by dōTERRA, is marketed for daily use.  This trio of bottles is made up of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, polyphenols and other nutrient co-factors that support optimal health. The 60 day study followed a single group of subjects diagnosed with anxiety or depression who were not taking any prescribed medication. The outcome was that these supplements had a significant ans sustainable effect on mood in a short period of time.

So armed with my LLV and my roller bottle blend I moved into a committed place where I remained consistent with my application of oils and intake of the supplements.  It worked.  Within a month my mood and outlook had improved significantly. So had the pain in my hip. The rash had gone. I have never fallen back into the depths of despair I was in.  I am so glad I had refused anti-depressants. Now almost a year later, I feel on purpose again. AND I still take my LLV daily.


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