The visitor you would rather not call today – STRESS!

Yesterday was one of the most stressful days I have ever noticed myself being aware of in recent times. My coping mechanisms went straight out the door.  As one text after another, one phone call after another assailed my energy, I spiralled out of control.  In the middle of fixing one debacle, talking to another person trying to lift their spirits, writing down notes of who to contact to look at issues, noticing text messages flying onto the screen of the phone I was holding, I felt panic, then anxiety and finally tension that was unbearable.

How did my quiet, laid back life come to this? A diffuser was bubbling away in the background spreading ‘empowerment’ with a blend of 1 Ginger, 2 Wild Orange and 1 Patchouli.  In hindsight maybe it should have been a ‘Calm the Brain’ blend!

By the afternoon, I was plastering Past Tense, a dōTERRA Stress and Tension Blend, across the back of my neck to bring me relief from the tightness and strain across my neck and shoulders. And still, I flicked off emails, answered phone calls, made calls myself, jotted down notes to attend to later, on and on and on.  At 7pm last night, I had to switch everything off or put on silent.  The phone, the computer, the iPad, anything that meant connection to the outside world!

I sat and pondered my day, (yes, the vibration of the phone could still be heard in the distance, had a shower, did my best to compose myself, doused myself in oils, closed my eyes and waited.  Waited for the calm to descend, to wrap itself around me, hold me and reassure me. I wasn’t really that successful.

Dinner was nice yet not really fulfilling.  Chocolate – didn’t do the trick either, a cup of green tea – salved the soul a little.  So at 8.15pm I went to bed, loaded the diffuser with Lavender Peace, used a little white pill to cleanse everything my mind and fell into a deep, deep sleep.

Today at 6.30am I was awake, listening to the rain and raring to go. It is the deep sleep that aids the body in coping.  Not great resorting to the method I chose, but hey, it worked and my body calmed the hell down and let go.

I am sure this is not a unique story! I wonder how those who face pressure like that every day cope.  Maybe it is my age now.  I used to be driven.  I would thrive on stress and deadlines and busyness.  Not anymore.

I treasure my walks in nature in the morning, the glimpses of the ocean, the serenity of the river, the energy of the bush, the leaves that reach out to say hello.  When my day evolves into a series of hectic reactiveness, then I know something needs to change.

How do we go from relatively calm to out of control so quickly? If only, you and me, had the foresight to STOP, walk outside, breathe deeply, look at the sky, shake the body, release the tension, then walk back inside, breathe again and then handle each situation as it arises with a sense of self control. Yeah, yeah, I know. We all ‘know’ this stuff, yet putting it into practise is a different story!  Easier said than done right?  We humans get so caught up in fixing, placating, putting right and organising so much, that we drown ourselves in the process.  I know not listening to my body, (or my common sense), does not serve anyone.

Hmmm that’s what I get for being so passionate.  My strong energy gets the better of me sometimes.  Today, no matter where I go, no matter who I see, no what I do, I will look for things that make me feel good!!  This is my conscious intent for this new day!

You enjoy your day too.


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