Yes, as the title suggests, I am talking about Social Media. I guess digital voyeurism has become commonplace these days.  No matter who you work with, or who you may fleetingly meet, there are those who will follow your every move. They copy everything you post on Facebook (or share), copy from your website.  Their own posts, invariably a copy of someone else’s post, which hit you in the eye, every time you press that dreaded “F” icon.

Today we shop online for almost everything.  Many of us buy online regularly.  We use Social Media daily to attract customers.  Network Marketing has lost its aversion among those unwilling in the beginning to trust the internet and spend money online, as now-a-days, almost everything is done online.

Banking, online dating, travel, grocery shopping, supplements, cloths, shoes, sex toys, pornography even!! The list goes on and on.  We no longer have to ‘see’ the customer or the seller in the flesh if we don’t want to.

Then there is the regurgitation.  Golly gosh, you should see what assails me everyday as people all over the world, re-post and share anything and everything put out by the company I align myself with, dōTERRA, for example. It seems to me hardly any one has time for original data when it comes to validating this or that oil, this or that dōTERRA supplement, this or that oil blend.  The same old stuff is re-hashed over and over again.

Now to the fun stuff.  Unsubscribing. Unfollowing. Unfriending. I have come to believe the style of social world we live in these days, thrives on generating anxiety, jealousy, and insecurity through a display of perfection and happiness, that I bet you, may not actually exist.

When it comes to business and those with a competitive streak, copyright is out the door. Even the responses you receive to your Facebook posts are no longer sacrosanct! Others can start stalking them too! That is the downside of choosing to be a ‘Public Figure’.  Once you become a world- wide shopfront, with blogs, e-books and polls, as well as well as quizzes and special promotions, it is all out there to be copied.  Doesn’t say much for those doing it, I know, but it does seem to be becoming more prevalent. Herein lies the NEW AGE of online marketing.

I have friends who admit to being “Facebook stalkers.” They admit that they have looked at information of people they don’t know very well (or in some cases don’t know at all) on many occasions.

Facebook stalking and other forms of online surveillance made possible through social networks may just have become part of our new reality!  I shudder to think of what the long term impact of this behaviour will have on our relationships and association with each other.

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