For many years I have been intrigued by what we call ‘DEATH’. After a series of deaths in the late 1980’s, (my father, a rabbit, a woman who was like a mother to me) all in quick succession, I began to look at this thing ‘death’ and search for understanding of it.

That journey took ME on a six year course of working with death and dying and at some stage I made friends with ‘death’.  I began to see it was a process of becoming not ending. I began to see and feel that as the life force ebbs from a human body, the energy of that person still exists and at times is quite tangible. I could ‘feel’ the person who had just died and could even communicate at times.

Later I understood it was more about me! Yes, that’s right.  About where my consciousness and energy was/is in the moment.  If I was tuned in and in an open and allowing place, I could ‘hear’ the deceased person’s voice in my head and we did have conversations. They were taking place within me. Once my head got in the way of the heart space – whoosh – it was gone.

One experience I will never forget and find hard to put into words was when a dear friend of mine, Anna, made her transition from this time, space, reality.  The day of her funeral (which I chose not to attend), I lit a candle, spoke her name out loud and turned to look at the ocean.  I was swept up into another space or dimension.  I was here and there at the same time. I was with Anna.  I asked her “is this what death is?”  We were together communicating. Not that she was in a body, however it was Anna and we were right there with each other. It was a serene, joyous, integration of wonder for me.

I remember speaking out loud and saying “Oh wow, this is amazing”.  Then ‘poof’ it was gone.  I was certainly feeling the buzz of what I had just experienced.  As I analysed and processed over time, what had happened, I realised there was no ‘death’.  There was simply a continuation of the energy that we are and always will be, no body required.  There was no heaven above and hell below.  There seemed in the moment Anna and I connected to be only ONE time, space, reality, not a separate one.

We had momentarily each been of a vibrationary resonance that enabled us to be together.  One that was a higher more encompassing frequency.

In day to day life, I liken that vibrationary place to being in a space where you hear overtones.  This is when the notes of a song are being sung, music is heard and suddenly another level of harmonics rise up, that are higher and not being made physically. The overtone sound appears to ride on or above the soundwaves of the song. I always bliss out when I hear overtones, I am transported to into another earthly sphere.

A couple of weeks ago the family dog was fading from this life.  We had no idea of her pain levels or how deeply sick she was. The decision was made after devastating blood test results to put her to sleep.  As I held her body, feeling the life ebbing out of her, heartbeat by heartbeat, and through all the emotion of those around me and my own feelings, I was tuned in enough to know that Sasha was just stepping away from the body that had served her well for the past thirteen years. Just like other experiences with human deaths,  when I left to drive home, there she was, beside me, her two front paws resting on the console between the bucket seats, I could feel her next to me, and almost literally hear her panting with excitement as we headed off in the car. I almost expected a big lick on the side of my face as I drove!

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