Enroll as a doTERRA Wellness Advocate

You receive up to 25% off all dōTERRA Products.

Why pay retail?

When you enroll as a dōTERRA Wellness Consultant OR as a Wholesale Customer, there is no obligation to build a business – you can simply take advantage of receiving oils you order with 25% off all purchases. It is when you utilise the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) – you can earn free product each month!!

There are 3 account opening options that I would recommend when enrolling as a Wellness Consultant for dōTERRA: Here is the step by step process of enrolling and the review of those options:

Step 1:

Press here to begin your dōTERRA journey

Step 2:

Select your country

Step 3:

 Select OTG

Step 4:

Select Wholesale

Step 5:

Complete your personal information.

Step 6:

Choose your enrollment package:

remember this can simply be the membership only package and select which oils or products you would like


Options I recommend:

1) Essential Collection Kit with Smart & Sassy = $174 (comes with 11 x 5ml oils and includes enrollment fee) Save $66.40


2) Home Essentials Enrollment Kit (most popular)   = $330 (comes with 9 x 15ml oils and 1 x 5ml oil as well as the Petal Diffuser. It includes enrollment fee) Save $130


3) Natural Solutions Kit) = $635 (includes 15 bottles of 15ml oils and 1 x 5ml oil as well as Ice Blue Rub, Correct X, Fractionated Coconut oil,Petal Diffuser,Wooden Box,On Guard Toothpaste, On Guard Foaming Hand Wash (with 2 x dispensers, On Guard Beadlets and the enrolment fee is included. A saving of $221.00 

Step 5: 

Filling in next section (optional but recommended)

This is Loyalty Reward Order (LRP/Auto-Ship). Here you can select your order for the next month to automatically ship to you. You will need to remember to change your order at the beginning of each month – you can change the order up to 48 hrs before the ship date.

Benefits of Loyalty Reward Order (LRP):

You earn product points (you start earning 10% and after 13 months 30% of your order total in points) that you can cash in for FREE product.

If your LRP order is scheduled before the 15th of the month and is over 125PV (personal volume) you also earn a Free Oil Of The Month. (Generally $10-$30 value & quarterly there are promotions & freebies if your order is 200PV or more)

This is a great way to collect all the oils bit by bit on a monthly basis and receive benefits

Step 6:

Select Continue & follow the prompts

Once you’re registered – you’ll have a virtual office created for you: You can go to www.mydoterra.com and use your dedicated enrollment number to log in with the password you chose – this is where you would monitor your shipments and add or change your LRP orders.


If you ARE interested in building a business:

Please contact me with any questions:
dōTERRA Wellness Consultant & Advocate # 89417

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