dōTERRA LEMON Essential Oil


This oil imbues the body with a zest for life. An elevating oil that brings upliftment to the heart space.


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Use this doTerra CPTG Lemon essential oil aromatically to alleviate mood, and improve your ability to focus.  Children have exams at school?  Place lemon oil on the back of the neck, the soles of the feet and even on the forehead.  lemon dispels confusion and bestows clarity.

You may have heard that half a lemon squeezed into warm water first thing each morning is a great health benefit.  It is true.  The water rehydrates the body after sleeping, and the lemon with its Vitamin C is a great antioxidant that helps boost your immune system.

Run out of lemons? 


You can put a few drops of doTerra’s pure lemon oil in your water.  It works a treat.  As it is very concentrated you only need 1-2 drops.  Another great idea is to put a couple of drops each day in your water bottle. I do. 

As for diffusing it smells amazing and really helps alertness. Especially when studying. Mix with a drop Peppermint to increase focus.


Put a few drops in your dishwasher

12 drops in spray water bottle to wipe down kitchen surfaces. 

Place some drops in your rubbish bin